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2010 @ Ubiquitic

Welcome and bonne année !

2010 marks the start of the third fiscal year for my little company Ubiquitic, although I have been freelancing for longer than that. In 2008 I followed my heart and took a 18,000km plunge from Paris to Noumea. I was very lucky to retain my loyal clients and gain new ones who helped me make this adventure aux antipodes a success. I thank them for trusting me and validating my first reason for giving this name to my company: that the internet can make one ubiquitous enough to work remotely with people all around the globe.

2010 also marks for me 30 years of passion and work with computers, 17 with the internet and 7 as a blogger. But even so that makes me quite an old dog in internet time, the excitement, passion and curiosity continue unabated, because I am still learning after all those years and it feels good! I guess the little stage fright in launching a new site and starting a new blog is normal (some say it comes with talent ;-).

I wish you all a very good year. I think it's going to be mobile, more than ever.

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