Comments Policy

You're reading this page most probably because of one of the following reasons:

  • you clicked on a link to read the comments policy (good)
  • you just submitted a genuine comment and are wondering what the heck (probably good)
  • you are a spammer, a robot or otherwise a worthless hack swamping any web form with useless shit (bad, your journey on this site stops here)

My comments policy is simple:

  • do not spam me — anything that has even a faint smell of spam or self-promotion will be treated accordingly
  • start or add something smart, to the point (or at least funny) to a public conversation — please do not post a comment if what you want to tell me would better be done by sending me an e-mail (which is available on every page of this site)

In order to keep spammers bots at bay, I have a simple yet very effective technique. It requires that you have Javascript (aka ECMAScript) enabled in your browser in order to comment. If Javascript is disabled or uninterpreted by your browser, then you will be sent to this page. If you still cannot post a genuine comment, please send me an e-mail instead.

As the owner and editor of this place, I reserve the right to edit any comment at my sole discretion. Welcome to my place, please respect it.


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