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From Web design to webmastering

web services

I can design, build and run your web site, either as a one-stop shop or in collaboration with others depending on the scale and complexity of the project. I focus on your business needs and the needs of your prospects and clients as visitors of your web site, and build a site that works for both.

Whenever possible, I build sites that my clients can manage autonomously, using a simple web interface and a browser so they can focus on content, not fiddle with technology. I do webmastering for sites on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

I can provide Web Hosting, from simple shared hosting to fully Managed Hosting, as well as VPS and Third-party Application Maintenance.

Enterprise Services (intranet, extranet)

enterprise services

I build communications and collaboration tools such as wikis, blogs and social software for the business world. I also do custom IT integration and development around internet, extranet and intranet sites and applications.

Have you ever starred at the gap between what is available on the web and the IT tools your company provides you with, and wondered why things seem so much easier and better done on the internet than on your intranet? I'm good at identifying what works on the web and can work for your enterprise as well. But my best strength is my ability to talk to all stakeholders, whether it's the CEO, the CIO or the operational users, and work out something that fits the business needs in a reasonable budget and timeframe. Most "business consultants" don't comprehend technology while most technologists don't grasp the business needs, and both usually miss out on the communication problems that prevent various internal groups to collaborate effectively. My clients often include people who cannot, or wouldn't, work with their internal IT department—my fluency in both "business" and "IT" languages, my business acumen and technical expertise are what help me move things forward.

Consulting, Training and Speaking

consulting services

I started in IT in 1980 and online in 1986, as a passion that luckily extended to work. I have worked as an operational manager in small businesses as well as in big international corporations of more than 70,000 people. I do a lot of research on an ongoing basis and like to share my experience through consulting, training and conferences. I'm an organizing member of the Paris Web conference, the best francophone conference for people who make web sites.

Partners and key technologies

I remain fairly agnostic about technology and always curious about new developments. But nothing beats the experience of implementing real things in the real world. Below is a short list of partners and technologies I like to work with, in confidence, because with them I get the job done quickly, simply and beautifully.

  • atlassian service partnerI am an Atlassian Service Partner, reselling licences and providing consulting, design, implementation, customization, management, and support on Atlassian products, with an expertise on Confluence, the entreprise wiki, and JIRA because we all got issues.
  • movable typeI build sites that use simple and efficient web content management systems, with a strong preference for Movable Type and blog software like Dotclear. This site is powered by Movable Type 5.
  • GandiI am a Gandi Reseller and can handle all aspects pertaining to your internet domain name, including email and on-demand scalable web hosting.
  • JoyentSpeaking of hosting, I am a long-time and happy user of Joyent and their approach of modern hosting.
    This site is hosted by Joyent.
  • ActivNetworksI am a partner of ActivNetworks, a provider of innovative technologies to accelerate and secure your business online.


  • e-mail:
  • phone: +687 79 30 09 (GMT+11)
  • Skype: Ubiquitic